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Granite HDX

This is a polyurethane product developed by Arcelor for applications where high corrosion resistance and aesthetics are required. The product consists of thick primer (25 micron) and polyurethane top coat (30 micron) on a Z275 galvanised steel substrate. It has a lightly grained appearance which enhances surface hardness.

Granite HDX has developed its position in the market as an alternative product to PVdf. It offers superior colour stability, corrosion resistance and surface hardness to PVdf and is available in broadly the same range of colours. It is currently used by Kingspan for their Spectrum range of products.

Key features of the product are:

  • Automatic guarantee of up to 30 years depending upon the environment
  • Available in a range of aesthetic colours and metallic shades with outstanding colour and gloss retention
  • Nominal paint thickness of 55 microns on a Z275 galvanised substrate
  • Excellent robustness for handling and processing
  • All metallic shades are automatically supplied with an arrowed strippable film to avoid any complications with directionality of paint flows
  • All colours stocked by Benbow Steels are produced to the same colour reference and from the same Arcelor mill as currently used by Kingspan

Applications include:

  • Construction roofing and cladding
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