Shortlisted for Awards 2021!!!

We are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for both the Birmingham Post Awards & the Insider Made in Midlands Awards!!

2020 had always been planned as a big year for us at Benbow Steels but then Covid changed everything for everyone. We needed to decide whether we wanted to continue to invest in our staff and our business or wait for it all to blow over.

We made each decision with the team, made sure we adhered to covid restrictions & guidelines to keep our staff safe and feeling secure and we’re so proud that, throughout all the chaos and lockdowns of the last year we:

  • Increased our factory floor space by 75% by taking on the building next door
  • Installed and commissioned a new cutting line, doubling our capacity
  • Trained all the staff on, and implemented, a new Customer Order Handling System
  • Knocked down our offices and built new ones in their place

Whilst we were managing some massive projects internally our staff were extraordinary, making sure customers always got what they needed when they needed it.

As we all continue to navigate the crazy world that Covid has thrown our way we wanted to take a moment to celebrate what an amazing team we have here at Benbow Steels and to have other people recognise their extraordinary ethics and efforts means such a lot.

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