Shortlisted for Awards 2021!!!

We are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for both the Birmingham Post Awards & the Insider Made in Midlands Awards!!

2020 had always been planned as a big year for us at Benbow Steels but then Covid changed everything for everyone. We needed to decide whether we wanted to continue to invest in our staff and our business or wait for it all to blow over.
We made each decision with the team, made sure we adhered to covid restrictions & guidelines to keep our staff safe and feeling secure and we’re so proud that, throughout all the chaos and lockdowns of the last year we:
– Increased our factory floor space by 75% by taking on the building next door
– Installed and commissioned a new cutting line, doubling our capacity
– Trained all the staff on, and implemented, a new Customer Order Handling System
– Knocked down our offices and built new ones in their place

Whilst we were managing some massive projects internally our staff were extraordinary, making sure customers always got what they needed when they needed it.
As we all continue to navigate the crazy world that Covid has thrown our way we wanted to take a moment to celebrate what an amazing team we have here at Benbow Steels and to have other people recognise their extraordinary ethics and efforts means such a lot.

Global Steel Price Increases

Like all industries the steel industry is experiencing an exceptional time. Whilst global demand has recovered significantly quicker than expected, steel mills are still unable to produce at levels seen before Covid. This has led to severe worldwide supply shortages of all steel products. As the basic economic principles of supply and demand take effect, so the price of steel has fluctuated significantly since June 2020, eg the price of Hot Rolled Coil has increased by a minimum of £300 per tonne.
Whilst prices for colorcoated steel have increased steadily since October, they have, so far, lagged behind the increases seen in other steel products. Whilst we don’t know the exact figure yet, we know that a significant increase will be imposed from our key suppliers Arcelor Mittal & Tata Steels from April 2021.
As well as price increases there’s also pressure on demand and we know not everyone is able to get what they need. We’re working very closely with our key suppliers to ensure supply continuity and we believe we have enough allocation coming in over the next few months to cover our customer needs for the April – June period.
As the situation develops we’ll continue to keep all of our customers updated.


We’re open!

It’s crazy times right now but we’re staying open during the lockdown to continue supporting the UK construction and manufacturing industry.

We’re doing everything we can to keep our staff and our customers & suppliers safe so we’re constantly reviewing our practices.

Stay safe out there.


Pricing Update

2020 has been an extraordinary year for everyone and the steel industry has, like every industry, been affected by the worldwide pandemic.

After the initial quiet few months of lockdown, there has been a significant bounce-back in demand from the initial impact of the Covid crisis. This has meant that steel mills do not have the capacity to keep up with current demand levels, leading to shortages in the supply chain for many steel products, including pre-painted steel.

Simultaneously, the cost of raw materials used in steel making such as iron-ore have continued to rise as the world moves through the stages of the pandemic.

All steel mills have consequently announced increases in their prices with effect from October 1st and we will be in contact with our customers directly to inform them of the changes this will make to our pricing structure.

We’ve extended our factory!

As part of our ongoing investment plan, in February of this year, we extended our factory by taking on the site next door. We’ve kitted it out with a new crane, a new coil transfer car, a new forklift, more coil storage bays and more sheet racking. It’s meant that we’ve been able to increase our stocks by over 50% giving you much more choice than ever before.

We’re still able to offer all of this choice with our usual high quality delivery service which has stayed exactly the same with same day within the West Midlands and next day nationwide.




Covid-19 Corona Virus & Benbow Steels

Dear Customer,

We are committed, during this extremely difficult time, to ensuring that our business continues to run and provides our customers with the products they need.

We will remain open as long as it is practicable and safe to do so and as long as we have a market to serve. You may notice some small changes to our service levels as we adapt and account for staff illness and isolation. We have also implemented some new measures for drivers coming onto site so we can keep our staff safe. We will advise you of these when you place an order but please just contact us if you’d like more information.


Thanks for your cooperation and support


Simon & the team at Benbow Steels

Important Market News About ArcelorMittal Colour Range

ArcelorMittal have decided to discontinue the following colours from their Solano Leathergrain range:

Olive Green – BS 12B27
Navy Blue – RAL 5003
Leaf Green – RAL 6002
Ultra Marine Blue – RAL 5002

We will therefore be changing our mill source to the following:

Olive Green BS12B27 from Tata Steel
Sargasso Blue RAL 5003 from Tata Steel
Heritage Green RAL 6002 from Tata Steel
Ultra Marine Blue RAL 5002 source TBC

Please contact us on of you’d like more information.


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to Benbow Steel’s new website!

Since we were established in 2006 our business has changed dramatically. We started as a small sales office of two people, before expanding into a factory warehouse and investing in state-of-the-art processing capabilities. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a service that is now unrivalled in this industry, underpinned by ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. We provide:

Choice- We’re renowned for having the broadest range of Arcelor products in the industry including Solano Leathergrains and Granite HDX. We are excited that we can now offer a large range of Tata Steel products as well, including Colorcoat® LG, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, Colorcoat Prisma®, Advantica® (for use in food safe applications) and Colorcoat® PE 15 (also known as white liner). This means we can supply you with the most appropriate products dependent upon the application or specification of your requirements.

Service- We believe our team has a fantastic blend of product knowledge, industry experience and enthusiasm with which to help you. If you need to know which product is right for the job you just need to ask. Our customers have their own dedicated sales manager but everyone in the team will rapidly deal with your enquiries and make decisions as appropriate. We also split stock packs, so you can order the exact quantity you need to meet your requirements.

Delivery-  24 hour delivery across the UK is standard for us and local deliveries can often be made on the same day. Timed deliveries can be booked on request.

There are more changes on the horizon as we continue to evolve and meet the demands of the market. That’s why we needed our brand image to keep pace with us – reflecting the unrivalled service we have given the industry since our launch, and looking forward to our ongoing development. We hope you like it as much as we do.

We’ll keep you updated on upcoming changes on this blog and through social media: benbowsteels


We hope to be able to help you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon & the Team at Benbow Steels