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We offer a wide range of products including the following:

The aluminium zinc alloy coating is applied in a similar way to traditional galvanised steel, by way of a continuous hot dipped galvanised process that gives a coating on both sides of the material of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon.

This gives the steel much improved corrosion resistance compared to traditional galvanised material through the joint action of the sacrificial cathodic action of the zinc, and the barrier of aluminium present on the surface. This gives the material up to 6 times more corrosion resistance to normal zinc galvanised coatings, making it ideal for the most demanding of environments such as petrochemical sites. This high level of aluminium in the coating also aids the material in keeping its aesthetic appearance much longer than zinc galvanised material.

A non-toxic 110 – 150 micron laminate, it is easily cleanable and resistant to staining, mould and free from surface migrants which makes this a fully foodsafe product, suitable for direct contact with food. It has a reverse suitable for bonding with most PU adhesives.

The product is most commonly used for composite panels and flashings used in coldstores, food preparation and packing areas but also pharmaceutical cleanrooms, mortuaries and any areas that require a clean controlled environment.

This is a polyurethane product developed by Arcelor for applications where high corrosion resistance and aesthetics are required. The product consists of thick primer (25 micron) and polyurethane top coat (30 micron) on a Z275 galvanised steel substrate. It has a lightly grained appearance which enhances surface hardness.

Granite HDX has developed its position in the market as an alternative product to PVdf. It offers superior colour stability, corrosion resistance and surface hardness to PVdf and is available in broadly the same range of colours. It is currently used by Kingspan for their Spectrum range of products.

Plastisol Leathergrain steels were originally developed for roof and wall cladding applications but are now also used in a wide range of engineering applications as diverse as heating and ventilation units to horseboxes.

Leathergrains offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability, even in demanding industrial and coastal environments. Guarantees of up to 30 years are available dependent upon application.

Polyester systems are available for both internal and external applications. They are most widely used in the UK in agricultural applications, where more economic product solutions are required.

The product consists of a 2 coat paint system, with 25 microns of smooth polyester paint top coat. It is usually applied onto a galvanised G275 substrate 0.5 or 0.7mm thick. A clear strippable film can be applied to flat sheets to minimise any handling and installation damage.

Standard stock colours include Juniper Green, Slate Blue, Goosewing Grey, Merlin Grey, Vandyke Brown and Olive Green.

The polyvinylidene fluoride coating of this product provides superior colour retention throughout the products life, making it particularly suitable for the most demanding UV environments.

It is quite a soft paint system, so a strippable film is supplied to this product to protect it during fabrication. Arrowed film is supplied to the 9006 silver due to directionality in the paint, this must be taking into consideration when fitting the product.

The Fatra Gutter Laminate manufactured by Raintite, is stocked in widths 1000mm, 1250mm and 1475mm wide on a 1.2mm galvanised steel substrate in 3000mm long lengths for immediate dispatch. Alternate gauges and sizes are available by request.

This superior gutter laminate benefits from a unique anti-slip checker plate emboss and its innovative membrane overlap system which eliminates up to 50% of on-site welding. The result is a high performance membrane coated steel product that remains flexible and ideally suited for roofing and guttering applications.

This is a structured polyester system developed by Arcelor Mittal for the domestic appliance and engineering industry. In the UK it is most commonly used for the manufacture of spraybooths and boiler casings.

The product is a two coat 35 micron polyester on top of a galvanised substrate. It has a textured appearance.

Steel painted with 15 to 20 microns of bright white polyester. Suitable for internal and external application. Products are used in a number of construction related applications such as twin skin buildings, insulated gutters and composite panels.

All white liner products supplied by Benbow Steels are two coat systems which typically have superior corrosion resistance to one coated systems supplied by many of our competitors.

Suitable for both internal and external applications, with excellent formability, these laminates are suitable for highly decorative applications. Available in a variety of finishes to mimic almost any traditional wood finish. Commonly used in the manufacture of garage doors, security doors, display units, and storage units on caravan sites.

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