Discovering Raintite Fatra: a perfectly engineered coated metal, manufactured to last. I was recently invited to take a tour of the Raintite factory to see, up close, how they manufacture this perfectly engineered product.I spent a lot of the late 2000’s in South Wales visiting steel sites, particularly the old Corus/ Tata Steel Caldicot site, […]

A Guide to Green Steel Certificates for Those Purchasing Pre Painted Steel

Note: This article was written by AI and not Benbow Steels. It is produced here word for word as an example of an AI blog. This includes all and any errors or inaccuracies. Please refer to Benbow Steel’s original, and approved, Green Steel Certificate Blog here for comparison. Intro If you are a steel stockholder […]

A Guide to Green Steel Certificates for Pre Painted Steel

Green Steel Certificates come at a premium but the steel isn’t actually “green” steel So are they really worth buying? At a typical rate of over 2 metric tonne of CO2e (Carbon emissions equivalent) per 1 metric tonne of steel produced, there isn’t a simple solution to the emissions challenge the steel industry faces. That’s […]

2023- the Year Ahead for Pre Painted Steel

Predicting trends in the steel industry comes with one certainty: your predictions will never be 100% correct, it’s just a question of how inaccurate they are. So it is with some trepidation that I put my views for the next 12 months forward…

Pre Painted Steel Composition

Have you ever wondered how many layers pre painted steel (aka coated steel) has and why?
Pre painted steel is made up of several different layers with each type of product differing in both the thickness and the properties of each layer.

The Climate Emergency & the UK Pre Painted Steel Sector

Is the Pre Painted steel sector really on track for Carbon Net Zero by 2050? The iron & steel industry accounted for 7.2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2016: this compares to the aviation industry which was responsible for just 1.9% (source: ourworldindata.org). Our industry clearly has a huge task ahead of it to meet […]

Shortlisted for Awards 2021!!!

We are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for both the Birmingham Post Awards & the Insider Made in Midlands Awards!! 2020 had always been planned as a big year for us at Benbow Steels but then Covid changed everything for everyone. We needed to decide whether we wanted to continue to invest in our staff […]

Global Steel Price Increases

Like all industries the steel industry is experiencing an exceptional time. Whilst global demand has recovered significantly quicker than expected, steel mills are still unable to produce at levels seen before Covid. This has led to severe worldwide supply shortages of all steel products. As the basic economic principles of supply and demand take effect, […]

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